What Is Current Installment Agreement

When it comes to tax payments, it is not uncommon for individuals and businesses to find themselves unable to pay their full amount owed in one lump sum. In these cases, the IRS offers a solution through installment agreements. These agreements allow taxpayers to make smaller, more manageable payments over time.

Installment agreements have been around for some time, but current installment agreements have evolved in recent years. Here`s what you need to know:

1. Streamlined agreements: The IRS has introduced a streamlined installment agreement program for taxpayers who owe $50,000 or less. This program allows taxpayers to set up an agreement without having to provide extensive financial information or complete a financial statement.

2. Online agreements: The IRS has also made it easier for taxpayers to set up installment agreements online. This process is fast and convenient, and it allows taxpayers to set up an agreement without having to call or visit the IRS.

3. Payment options: With current installment agreements, taxpayers have a range of payment options. They can choose to make payments monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly, and they can set up automatic deductions from their bank accounts to make payments even easier.

4. Interest and penalties: Interest and penalties will continue to accrue until the full amount is paid, but current installment agreements offer a lower interest rate of 0.5% per month compared to the standard rate of 1% per month. Penalties may also be reduced or waived for some taxpayers.

5. Default options: If a taxpayer misses a payment or fails to comply with the terms of the installment agreement, the agreement may default. Under current installment agreements, taxpayers have the opportunity to reinstate their agreement by making the missed payment or re-negotiating the terms of the agreement with the IRS.

In conclusion, current installment agreements offer taxpayers a flexible and convenient way to pay their taxes without having to pay the full amount up front. With streamlined online options and a range of payment plans available, installment agreements are a great solution for those who cannot pay their taxes in full. However, taxpayers should be aware of the interest and penalties that will accrue until the full amount is paid, and they should make every effort to comply with the terms of their installment agreement to avoid default.

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